New Directions in CBT Webinar Series

This 10-part webinar series will be delivered using a range of teaching modalities, including role-play demonstrations, didactic methods, and audience interaction with set periods of time to answer questions. There will be polling of the attendees in relation to the techniques used in the role-plays.

Attendance will not make anyone into a qualified therapist as this requires experience, supervision, certification and licensing.

Time Zones:

9:00 to 12:00 EST | 14:00 to 17:00 GMT

Monthly Posters

October Family Webinar

This webinar will offer families/caregivers tools & strategies to reduce feelings of anxiety & depression & to build greater resiliency.

We’re excited to introduce expert Dr. Turkington, MD Psychiatrist, and Helen Spencer, BA (Hons) Psychology, Senior Research Assistant, in our two-part webinar series.

Families and caregivers can look forward to learning more about informed cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosis to help individuals on their journey to recovery. This webinar will also show how families can work together alongside a psychiatric team and therapist working with their loved ones.

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