Meet Linda Zlepnig: CBT-p Advocate

Becoming an informed caregiver & family member.

I am a proud mother, advocate and businesswoman.

In 2019 I founded Zlepnig CBT Mental Health Training Ltd. to help families learn how to participate in their loved one’s recovery of mental illness and believe that recovery is possible.

In 2002 my 18-year-old son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. It was a painful and frustrating experience, and the revolving door medical model for mental health ended up ripping our family apart. My son chose to shut me out of his life for over ten years. He was medicated and out of touch, and I constantly worried about his quality of life. I felt like I was trying everything. Doctors told me I was in denial, but I just wanted my son back.

Then I experienced a ray of encouragement that would change everything.

I enrolled in a pilot program at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre titled “Informed CBT-p for Families/Caregivers Workshop/Training” presented by Dr. Douglas Turkington and his team from the National Health Service (NHS) and Newcastle University in the UK. Educating myself in CBT-p gave me hope and the key to my son’s recovery.

The most amazing thing happened. My son noticed a change in me! He began to open up and let me back in, and he became open to the treatment. Now, we make baby steps, but they are huge for us. We have hope for a better life.

Today, Zlepnig CBT & Mental Health Training Ltd. offers workshops & webinars in partnership with Dr. Turkington. We share research, training and resources with mental health professionals here in Canada to further the knowledge and access made available to families.

Through our training, more families can learn how to participate in the recovery process, rekindle their relationships and discover the hope that exists for their loved ones.

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